The Oystercatcher...  definitely a conversation starter.


This unique shorebird is not just the name of our company - It's an inspiration. The Oystercatcher has many characteristics that we relate to and admire.


A Beak With Purpose

The oystercatcher's powerful bill is the perfect tool for prying open mollusks and exposing the nutritious treat within.  Here at Oystercatcher, we may not have beaks, but we are experts at extracting the key information from our clients' challenging subject matter to create clear and concise visual messaging that's sure to resonate with target audiences.


Global Range

These adventurous shorebirds can be found all over the globe.  Our projects have taken us to many new and unfamiliar territories.  We adapt easily and have technical expertise in a wide variety of production environments.


Unique Colorful Eye

The bright orange eye of the oystercatcher makes it easy to spot.  We have an eye for creating visually-striking videos that make a lasting impression.  And others seem to agree.  We have been recognized by the industry for creating eye-catching and award-winning films.


Partners For Life

In the bird world, life-long partnerships are hard to come by.  But the oystercatcher mates for life.  You only need to work with us once to see that we're different.  We care about your business and it shows.  Building long-lasting relationships with our clients is a priority.